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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 25, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm ashleigh banfield. it's saturday, september 25th. >> this morning, we have some breaking news. the u.s. has launched a massive new offensive in southern afghanistan. 8,000 troops are trying to drive out insurgents from a key, taliban stronghold. our reporter is on the front line. flood zone. as heavy rain and cresting rivers flood entire neighborhoods. and more rain is forecast for today. manhunt, three suspects on the run, after a brazen, bizarre bank robbery. they kidnapped a bank teller the night before, strapped a bomb to him. and then, had him bring out the money.
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we'll have the latest. and free again. a judge sends lindsay lohan back to jail for another month. then, another judge sets her free on bail. she is back out this morning. but will she end up back behind bars? and we're very happy to have ashleigh banfield with us this morning. you are here, because the person who normally sits here is off for a very good reason. bianna golodryga, getting married today. >> what a great day. best wishes from everybody here to bianna. we remember it well, don't we? >> yes. >> some of us more recently than others. >> just one year ago, for me. memories are fresh. it's a busy and a busy weekend. there's a fascinating story coming out of miami. look at the pictures. a lot of questions coming up about a dramatic bank heist. was the teller in on the job? was it a hostage horror? or was it a hoax? we're going to hear from an ex-miami police chief and get
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his take on this very strange case. >> a lot of focus on the teller this morning. it will be interesting to hear how this shakes out. also, important medical news this morning new 3-d technology, approved by a panel of the fda. it could improve detection. there are some concerns. we're going to get into all of that. coming up. and a shocking, new study. get ready. we're going to have to get the beeper out. kids are swearing at earlier ages. apparently as young as 2. they're dropping the f-bomb. we may want to blame the internet, movies, racy music videos. but the real culprit may be somebody else. you're going to be surprised. we'll tell you about it coming up. first, we want to get to the breaking news we told you about. it's called "operation dragon strike." it's a massive u.s. offensive in afghanistan. troops are moving to take control of territory that the taliban has controlled for years. our miguel marquez is in
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kandahar. he's on the phone with us with the very latest. my, miguel. what's the latest on the ground there? >> reporter: the 101st airborne and troops are moving deeper into the green zone. they are searching, hunting, going through every compound in an area they have never been in before. as i'm standing here, there is a group of combat engineers who are planting about 25 pounds of plastic explosive in a bunker that they just found. they've been walking on a walkway covered by trees, where they just found caches of weapons. they count ied or everyone vised vicemaking facilities. >> are they running into resistance? >> reporter: amazingly, they are not. they came in using assault breecher vehicles. they blow up a line charge that has an incredible pathway they
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want to clear it of suspected ieds. with that, about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, the entire valley knew these guys were coming. and i think the taliban thought smarter of it and will fight another day. >> why is this area so important? >> reporter: it's the gateway to kandahar city. it's on the river. and it's a green zone. all the way through helmand province. basically, the taliban uses it as a superhighway, to move everything from drugs to guns to fighters. there's also, basically, a taliban hotel or beddown positions along the way. it's a place the taliban has owned before they were the taliban. the jihad fighting the soviets. it's a place they wanted to hold on to. it's a place that the u.s. military are taking back. >> our miguel marquez on the front lines. thank you. ashleigh, back to you. in the midwest, major
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flooding is expected to continue into next week, with seven states now under flood warnings. so far, minnesota, south dakota, wisconsin, have been the hardest hit. and sinlinsey davis is in the t of or kate ya, wisconsin. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: it may be difficult to tell looking at the intersection of main street that things have improved. the river has crested. the water is starting to go down. but people on day three of doing everything they can, to keep water away from these homes. this morning, across the upper midwest, drivers plodding through the remnants of a war waged and lost to mother nature. the football field was no match for the rushing water. these roads, homes and cars didn't fare much better. day three of the flooding. and several rivers continue to keep residents at bay. >> it started about a foot an hour. i was just in a panic. >> reporter: most evacuees
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return home and worst case, find water damage. this family came home to find the maple creek in owatonna, minnesota, flooded their basement. >> where do you go from here? >> i don't know. >> reporter: a month's worth of rainfall in less than 24 hours, continues to cause serious problems. >> this is a historic event. the water levels here are beyond what most people experienced in their life. >> reporter: in brooking, south dakota, six mile creek ran right into people's homes. and in arcadia, wisconsin, for a second-straight day. the sheriff's department went door-to-door, urging people to evacuate. >> we don't want them to come get us with a boat. >> reporter: keith nolesco was determined not to leave. without getting a half-foot of water out of his basement first. does it seem like it's rising or staying steady?
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>> the fire department told me it's going down. and i hope it is. >> reporter: the forecast is calling for sunshine over the next few days. things will get a chance to dry out coming up. but may not be back to normal exactly for another few weeks. ashleigh? >> linsey, thank you for that. and there's a tropical storm that's pounding central america right now. marysol castro is here with the latest on that. tis the season. >> absolutely. good morning, everyone. so, seven states under flood warnings, as linsey told us earlier in the broadcast. 14 rivers already in the major flood zone. the area we're keeping an eye on for today is up here. sioux falls, lacrosse, minneapolis. south of there, kansas city, and st. louis, are not nearly as bad. of course, we continue to keep an eye on it. as we look at the radar, you are going to see a few bands of rain today. not nearly what the folks have seen earlier in the week. but the rain moves through later
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on this morning. sioux city, you're going to see a little bit of rain. by the afternoon, the sun could come back out. and that will help with the situation. how much rain? about half an inch of rain is expected for today. again, it's not expected to exacerbate the situation. but it doesn't make the situation any better. we turn into the tropics. and keeping an eye on tropical storm matthew. it came ashore with about 50-mile-per-hour winds. here's some video, as tropical storm matthew hit honduras. there, you can see a lot of rain. we track it. you can see it doesn't pose a threat to the lower 48. but it does travel across central america. by monday, it's out of there again. of course, we're going to keep on eye on it for you. dan? >> mary, thanks. the fbi and police all over florida are searching for three bank robbers who pulled off a heist straight out of hollywood. it was an elaborate plot that involves strapping, what they say was a bomb, to a bank teller, who walked into the
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vault and got the money for them. matt gutman is in coral gables, florida, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. police are searching for these three men. but the fbi spent eight hours questioning the victim in this case. they released him last night, saying he is a victim. there are questions this morning, whether or not he was involved in the plat or was just a pawn in one of the riskiest bank heists in memory. what police say began as a home invasion, early friday, soon became a hostage situation, a bank robbery and an attempted bombing. and with the alleged robbers getting away, the apparent victim, being led away shirtless and in handcuffs. police say three, masked men allegedly burst into his miami area home. holding him and his father at gunpoint at seven hours. then at about 8:00 a.m., two of the men forced the bank teller into his car and ordered him to drive to his bank.
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and rigging him, with what the fbi says appeared to be an explosive device. >> the men said, we have a remote, you know, triggering device. we want you to get as much money that you possibly can and bring it out to us. >> reporter: the robbers never had to step foot inside the bank. after the gunmen drove off, if bank manager called 911. s.w.a.t. teams, the fbi and the bomb squad came in, sparking rumors of a hostage standoff. >> they said they're taking hostages in the bank of america, right next to my apartment. >> reporter: it took the bomb squad three hours to help the man cut free of his shirt and the device, that they eventually detonated. >> they were screaming, fire in the hole. >> reporter: he was led away in handcuffs, police say had a precaution. >> it is an unusual event to have explosives strapped to a victim and sent in. >> reporter: but not unprecedented.
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in 2003, a man robbed a bank, with a time bomb fastened to his neck. he said he was coerced into it. investigators later learned he helped plan the heist. in that instance, that man was killed. there are reports that that bomb was a fake. that he was acting suspiciously calmly throughout the entire crisis. dan? >> matt, thank you. i want to pick up on the last point you made. joining us now from boston is harvard fellow and former police chief, john timoney. he is the chief of the department here with the nypd. good morning, sir. >> good morning. good to see you. >> likewise. let me ask you first. i want to make clear this gentleman is officially thought to be a victim. but you are skeptical. >> no. right now, he is a victim. they're treating him, as he is, in fact, a victim. however, the detectives, you
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know, got limited information at this point. and they're going to leave all options open. you referenced the case in 2003, that the guy had a bomb strapped to his neck. he was complicit with two of the cohorts in that bank robbery. this case is quite unusual. it's not unprecedented. again, in cases like this, the detectives really have to leave all options open. really, everybody is a suspect until they can account for themselves. >> i'm sorry. but uscamayta was questioned overnight and released. how, now, do police go about figuring out whether he's, in fact, culpable? >> they'll do a number of things. they've logged in his statements. they're also looking for his car. three guys got away in his -- in the teller's automobile.
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they'll try to find that. and i guarantee you, they will quickly, along with the fbi, quickly piece this together and find out where the truth lies. right now, you still have to treat this gentleman as a victim. however, you leave all options open. you close down no avenues. and see where the facts take them. >> generally speaking, are bank robbers caught? or do people get away with crimes like this frequently? >> no. the vast majority, when they get to be this complex, they usually fall on their own weight. this is clearly a complex case. and clearly, there are at least two victims. the teller himself. the father. lots of interviews. and then, the stories either mesh or they don't mesh. >> john timoney, we appreciate you getting up early and giving us your perspective. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> fascinating story. a lot more fascinating stories making the news. ron claiborne busy putting it together for us.
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>> good morning, everyone. we begin with a bomb scare aboard a flight bound for pakistan this morning. pakistan international airlines jet left from canada. and made an emergency landing in sweden, after authorities got a tip that a passenger was carrying explosives. a suspect has been dedetained. but no explosives have been found. the american hiker that was released from iran, has been with the iranian president. shourd's fiance, shane bauer, and their friend, josh fattal, is still in iran. and the challenge of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. a judge in tacoma, washington, thinks that the air force should reinstate a nurse. the judge said the army violated her constitutional right. and the largest dodgeball game ever. they blasted each other with 600 rubber balls.
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they smashed the previous record by 547 participants. there's a first look at the headlines. back to dan and ashleigh. >> good way to get your attention. >> i hated dodgeball. >> i'm sure there's a lot to discuss there. >> dorks of the world unite. let's get to the weather now. somebody who is not a dork, marysol castro. >> thank you, guys. good morning, everyone. it starts to cool down in portions of the northeast. it's the first full weekend of fall. memphis, 86 today. by monday, 76. atlanta, you had a scorching summer. by monday, hi there and good morning. we have a week frontal boundary and a dry frontal boundary pushing through which will give us a decent amount of sunshine and some clouds. d.c., 86 degrees and 87 per cent
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of in fredericksburg. a chance to bring back in the forecast monday and tuesday thank you so much. i'll tell you about the heatup in portions of the west a little later on in the show. ashleigh? >> okay, thank you, mary. some important news for all women this morning. an fda panel is now backing a new three-dimensional mammography system to screen for breast cancer. the new technology makes it easier for radioologists to see tumors while reducing the false positives. dr. marie savard joins us. i'm thrilled to hear this. what's apart from the obvious, the benefit of the 3-d, compared to the 2-d. >> this is the first change in mammography that could make a difference. the difference, today, women are
7:17 am
getting a two-dimensional image. that means a photograph. you can miss a lot of lumps, tumors, things inside. or you can falsely think that dense tissue is something when it's not. it leads to callbacks and further x-rays and biopsies. three-dimensional imaging is new. and they're looking at multiple pictures of the breast and getting a three-dimensional view of what may look like a tumor. >> under the layers? >> yes. what they're doing is separating the layers. sometimes, it's blood vessels, ligaments that get in the way. dense glandular tissue. now, they can separate out what is glandular tissue. what is a blood vessel. >> there may be more radiation involved with this. if that's the case and we're doing this every year, that's kind of what the guidelines are suggesting these days, is that a risk to us? and do the benefits outweigh the risk? >> guidelines can always change. what you do when you're doing
7:18 am
the three-dimensional image, the woman actually gets into the machine, just as she does before. you can't escape your breast being flattened out on that imaging tray. >> i thought you were going to tell me something getter better than that. >> no difference. but over the second period, the tube is going around the breast, getting closer images. that means more x-ray. the fda panel that advised, based on that increased x-ray, always a concern, the benefits far outweigh that. the manufacture is getting anywhere from as many to 25,000 breast cancers a year could be diagnosed with this new technology that otherwise weren't being diagnosed. and many as many as 1 million women could be spared going back for the extra look that's really nothing. >> this all comes out on the week that a study out of norway that yet again, maybe mammography maybe isn't all it's cracked up to be.
7:19 am
how should we reconcile that study with the 3-d. >> the two-dimensional mammography has limitations. at the same time, if we're diagnosed early cancers, are we going to be subjecting women to treatment when those cancers may not have led to change in survival anyway. that's what that study showed this week. >> it's a panel. we'll be watching for what the fda does. >> important information. >> good to hear about it. dan, back to you. >> ashleigh, thank you. there was a strange spectacle on capitol hill on friday. the comedian, stephen colbert, testifying before congress on immigration. he had done a segment on his show when he spent a day working in the fields to see what it was like to be a migrant farm worker. he came to capitol hill in character. and he stayed in character the entire time. he did not, however, get the laughs he's used to getting on his show.
7:20 am
>> it is an honor and a privilege to be here today. congresswoman lofgren asked me to share my vast experience spending one day as a migrant farm worker. i'm happy to draw my celebrity to this complicated issue. i do say this sincerely, don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. maybe this ag jobs bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress, i haven't read it. the point is, we have to do something. i'm not going back out there. i trust that following my testimony, both sides will work together on this issue in the best interest of the american people as you always do. >> love him. subcommittee chairwoman said she hasn't seen such a jam-packed hearing room since the impeachment proceedings of president clinton. where were the laughs? >> amazing, sitting with stone faces. lindsay lohan's lawyer gets her out of jail on bail, after
7:21 am
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the lindsay lohan case. she went to jail. now, she's out of jail. we'll tell you the story coming up. >> she may be swearing about it. guess what, kids are swearing, aparentally as young as 23. they're dropping f-bombs. >> surprised to hear who is to blame in many cases. contact lens materials have tricomfort™ technology. they let up to five times more oxygen through the lens than traditional soft contact lenses... ...are designed to retain moisture for comfort all day long... and have superior deposit resistance for cleaner lenses. air optix®, the lens you can survive a long day in. go to for a free one-month trial offer. get up, get moving. subway has breakfast. and it's a slam dunk. i like my breakfast sandwich with green peppers, onion, banana peppers and mustard. i like eggs with black forest ham on wheat. with everything. i like a little kick. that's a good call. i like mine with egg whites. and... a napkin.
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7:28 am
weekend but changes will arrive in the form of a few clouds and a frontal boundary. we will start off are around 70 degrees in some locations. satellite and radar composite shows not a lot of moisture associated with this front. it will be sunny to partly sunny skies. 87 degrees in fredericksburg. we are not alone in this drought which stretches toward atlanta. we have some relief in sight. the next storm system will impact as late sunday through monday giving us the best chance of rain.
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hello, anna. it's aaron rogers. >> and darren harris of the green bay packers. >> we hear you have a wish. >> and we're here to make it come true. >> that young girl got the surprise of a lifetime. at 13, anna schmidt has been through numerous strokes, brain surgery and a heart transplant. now, she's well on the road to recovery. and a along the way, a couple green bay packers stepped up to make her dream come true. good morning, america. i'm ashleigh banfield, in for bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. it is saturday, september 25th.
7:31 am
also coming up this morning, ashleigh, you care about this because you have two, young children. our story is about toddlers with potty mouths. you may have heard about it and stung by it. otherwise, cherubic tots dropping the f-bomb. authorities say kids are using bad language earlier than ever before. we're going to begin with serious news about lindsay lohan. i said serious news about lindsay lohan. she is a free woman once again. she had been sent back to jail by a california judge yesterday. you didn't miss it if you blinked. she violated her probation by failing a drug test. nine hours later, back out on the street again. mike von fremd has the story from los angeles. >> reporter: lindsay lohan's day of reckoning has been delayed for the third time. she's just been released on $300,000 bail from los angeles county jail. the beverly hills judge, friday
7:32 am
morning stripped the access of her hollywood duds, in exchange for handcuffs and an orange jump suit, made a legal mistake. another superior court judge ruled the actress is entitled to bail, even though she failed her court-ordered drug tests. this time, lohan spent less than 24 hours in jail. legal experts and her parents say, the actress clearly needs help. >> i just hope the judge remands lindsay to rehab for a longer period of time. >> when a person exhibits that kind of loss of control, until they start to see that it's a problem, until the individual reaches out for help, they're just acting out in illness. >> reporter: in this months's "vanity fair," lohan says, she wants her career back. i want the respect i had when i was doing great movies. and she mocked her addiction in a skit at the mtv awards. >> pull it together. you're a mess. do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? take it from me.
7:33 am
they don't. >> reporter: she'll be back in court to face this mess in less than a month. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, beverly hills. we want to bring in former l.a. county prosecutor, robin sax. she was in the courtroom for the hearing. she is live in los angeles. let me get right to it. $300,000 bail. are you surprised she was successful in getting this? >> i am floored. no one would have guessed that in court, not only would she have been remanded. but we got the second surprise when she got a $300,000 bail just hours later. it was a shock for all. and the shocks just keep coming. >> and i just want to remind everybody, this goes back three years. in 2007, she was arrested twice for dui. it was happening in a three-month period back then. since that time, she violated probation. a lot of people would say that's an immediate go back to jail card. she was supposed to do 30 days if she was caught misbehaving. she was caught misbehaving. is she going to do time?
7:34 am
>> it's no obligation for the court to give 30 days. it's up to the discretion of the court what to do with her. we were surprised that he took it seriously and remanded her. while she may got out yesterday, out last night and may be partying tonight, she will find herself back into a jail at some point soon. >> we know that the next hearing is on the 22nd of october. it's about a month away. and there are operations here. i know her father said, i hope the judge considers some kind of remand to rehabilitation. but what do you think the chances are that a judge is going to say, you're okay this time around. let's try rehab again? >> judge fox, from my experience in knowing him in a courtroom, she not going to let her just slide by. he made a point. he made a point yesterday in court. and i think, frankly, that by judge-shopping, by going to another judge, basically, an equal judge, to get bail in this case, is not going to look necessarily favorably upon her. this is kind of like win the
7:35 am
battle but not the war. from lindsay's perspective. i do think she will be in jail. and i don't think it will necessarily be as little as 30 days. possibly even more. >> so, for anybody watching, all of the celebrities get such a pass when it comes to justice, are they getting a pass? is she getting a pass? or would anybody in this circumstance with two duis and a violation of probation, be in the same boat as a starlet? >> i think judge fox was working really hard to treat lindsay lohan just like any other probationer. and any probationer with this amount of probation violations, with these types of probation violations, with continue substance abuse, and flipping their fingers off to the court, basically, would find themselves in custody. >> you always have the answers. and i have a feeling i'll be seeking more from you soon. robin, thank you. >> thank you, ashleigh. >> she's back in court in a month. we'll be going back to robin. >> i guarantee it. let's go to ron claiborne
7:36 am
again. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, a russian soyuz capsule has landed safely in kazakhstan this morning. it was delayed one day because of a problem undocking from the international space station. and house speaker nancy pelosi says there could be a vote next week on extending the bush tax cuts. the dea's drug takeback program is being held at hundreds of sites around the country. people can dispose at unsafe, unwanted or expired prescription drugs. and the finalists of the eighth annual karaoke world championship are being held today in moscow. 2 americans are among the 31 con test contestants. 95 degrees in los angeles. it's been a mostly cool summer. this is a different story. 72 in seattle. 80 in san francisco. very warm.
7:37 am
the high temperatures for today, there are a few cool spots. chicago only going up to 58 today. minneapolis, only going up to 59. elsewhere in the country, things are just about normal. you can see we still have a lot of wet weath a pretty good look the weekend for you. let me show you the seven-day forecast. it will be cooler today, 85 with lower humidity and cooler sunday thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by discover. ashleigh and dan? >> mary, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," ashleigh's worst nightmare. cussing kids. even toddlers are using profanity these days. are parents to blame? >> i want to be clear, my kids aren't cussing yet. and a heart warming story
7:38 am
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cursing a lot more these days, a new study says, in fact, you are right. more kids are saying dirty words at earlier ages. sometimes as young as 2. this is the earliest in at least three decades, according to a new study. >> fudge. >> only, i didn't say fudge. >> reporter: ralphie really said it. >> i said the word. the big one. >> reporter: but in "a christmas story," ralphie was the ripe, old age of 9. today, new research shows that kids are starting to swear much earlier. and most startlingly, kids as young as 2 are dropping the f-bomb. >> i was fighting with my sister. and i said a bad word to her. i know i didn't learn it in school. >> reporter: turns out, it may have been at home. two-third of adults with no swear policies with their kids, break their own rules at home. >> my 3-year-old says what i say. does mommy sometimes say bad
7:42 am
words? >> reporter: maybe the ear muff strategy from the movie "old school" would work. >> i say ear muffs to him. >> reporter: it gives a new meaning to potty-training. >> you put some soap in your parents' mouth. >> is that the best strategy? we'll find out. we have an expert here who is an expert in child and teen development. her name is dr. robin silverman. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. who is to blame here? is it the importants? >> we look at the media. it's coming in surround sound. it's become more normalized. but, of course, it's not going to be delivered to children just through the media. it's got to be delivered by a trusted source. and perhaps that's parents or older teens, friends, peers. anybody like that. >> so, what do you recommend? you think ear muffs is the best strategy? >> that could be a good idea.
7:43 am
when we look at cursing in the household, we need to actually look at our own behavior. are we using the swear words? are we using media that has a lot of swear words in it? if we are, we need to curb it. and we also need to have rules and consequences around swearing if we don't want to hear them. so, what's the rule in your house? are you remaining consistent? and are you underscoring your values of respect, impulse control, and using proper words? >> so, the problem can be that you can set some rules. but then, if you're breaking them in front of the children. >> right. because you're the trusted source. right? if you're using them, they become the normal language of your household. so, if you don't want to hear them, you need to make sure that everybody is using the same rule. not just the children. but father, mother and everybody else, who comes into your household. >> were you at all surprised by the result of the new study, showing kids as young as 2 are
7:44 am
using the "f" word? >> i'm not surprised. things are welcome normalized. even things like wtf. how much do we hear that or see it in technology? to the point that it's common place. it's its own entity. it's lost its vulgarity almost. and we think it's maybe funny instead of being alarmed by it. >> so, what are the consequences that should be put in place for a child, if they break the no cursing rule at home? >> it's going to be different for different parents. whether it's a timeout or a loss of privilege. you're going to make that decision for yourself. is it a major offense? are you extremely offended by it? or are you only slightly offended by it? also, you want to make sure as a parent, if you hear it the first time, the child just happened to overhear it and repeat it, don't go crazy. if you fly off the deep end, your child is going to know, that's a hot button i can press. >> that's a weapon.
7:45 am
>> oh, boy. should i use that again? i'm going to get a big reaction. >> doctor, thank you very much. we appreciate your guidance this morning. notice, i didn't use any bad words in that tirade. >> i appreciate that. coming up here on "good morning america" this, saturday morning, some very big guys making a very little girl's wish come true. this is a great story. keep it here. shouldn't your card do the same? it can. meet zync from american express. it's a great way to get more out of the things you're into. build yours to fit your life by adding packs filled with bundles of rewards and benefits. it's not just a card. it's your canvas. create yours at to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. every year, espn teams up with the wake-a-wish foundation, to make sports wishes come true for kids with life-threatening illnesses. >> and this is the wish of one parkers fan that dreamed of meeting her heroes. when her heart began to fail, it
7:49 am
looked like it never would happen. but when it did, however, she brought a lot of warmth to the frozen tundra of lambeau field. here's espn's chris connelly. >> reporter: 13-year-old anna schmidt, from wisconsin, is a life-long packers fan. >> i love aaron rogers. for a while, he was a rookie and everything. and he waited and waited until he finally got his time to shine. >> reporter: this was anna back in december, in desperate need of a heart transplant. what would happen if no donor were found? >> anna would perish. she needed a heart. at night, we would pray. and she would ask god for a miracle. she would cry out to him. and that was difficult. >> reporter: what could you see in your parents' faces? >> sadness.
7:50 am
>> reporter: what was that like to see? on march 29th, doctors told the schmidts, there was a match for anna. after 12 hours of surgery, anna had a new heart. within weeks, her condition improved dramatically. what was it like feeling better? >> it's the most amazing feeling in the world. >> reporter: now, thanks to her new heart, she's back on her feet. and on this august day, a dvd arrives with a personal invitation. >> hello, anna. it's aaron rogers. >> and al harts of the green bay packers. >> we would love to have you and your family come meet us and some of our teammates for practice tomorrow. >> look forward to seeing you. >> anna, your wish came true. >> i'm so happy. >> hi, anna. how are you? >> reporter: arriving at lambeau field with her family, the next
7:51 am
day, anna heads for the packers' locker room. and finds her own locker. >> game ball presented to anna schmidt. this is a game ball. >> reporter: as she takes the field, aaron rogers comes over to meet her. >> oh, jeez. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: and coach mike mccarthy introduces anna. and lets them break it down. as practice ends, anna gives aaron her take on his facial hair. >> don't do the mustache thing. >> no? >> no. >> why not? >> 'cause, no. >> reporter: with her favorite team rooting for her, anna's ready to leap into an unlimited future. >> last month, anna started eighth grade. her prognosis is supposed to be excellent. as for the packers, anna keeps saying, i think this is our year. by the way, you can see the packers take on the bears on monday night on "monday night
7:52 am
football" on espn. >> i don't know a thing about football. but is anna going to get her wish that this is going to be the packers' year? >> don't look at me. >> they're good. they're good. >> she's bringing some luck to the team, no? >> she is. so far. they're doing pretty well. >> can you tell, this man does not know sports. but we love him still. >> he knows twitter. >> yes. i like cats. but that kid is incredible. >> way to go, anna. we're lovering you here. by adding a fourth color -- yellow... yellow. banana. the standard rgb color system, quattron produces more colors... banana! ...and makes images brighter. banana! banana! when seen in 3d -- whoa! whoa! aah! quattron makes tv so realistic... whoa! won't believe your eyes. [ male announcer ] aquos quattron 3d from sharp. [ engineer laughs ] you have to see it, to see it.
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two things we want to do before we let you go. thank you, ashleigh banfield for coming in. two, bianna golodryga gettin >> good morning. it's 7:56. taking a look at some of the stories topping the news in our region today. a criminal responsibility for a series of burglaries in fairfax county is now accused of dozens
7:57 am
more. police say the suspect has struck from mclean to reston and areas in the western part of the county. they say the man entered through unlocked homes, vehicled, opened doors or windows. he then steals cash, purses and other property inside. three children injured in a fire at their lorton townhome are out of the hospital. they survived as well as their father. their mother and two siblings did not survive. the mother was killed after getting the surviving kids to safety. neighborhood children are leaving their stuffed animals and toys outside the burned home. a cause for the blaze has not yet been determined. and now let's head over for a check of our weekend forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning. good morning, folks. we have a nice-looking weekend in store. today we'll be cooler but still on the warm side. here's a live look outside from our vantage point in arlington. we have some clouds in places, but these clouds will pass through. 72 degrees currently in
7:58 am
washington. chevy chase coming in at 73. your forecast for today area wide calls for temperatures to get into the middle, perhaps even near the upper 80's in a couple of places like fredericksburg. 85 in the district. martinsburg, 83. here's that cold front. well noted there by the clouds. it's going to come through without any moisture. cooler air will start to follow. really pulls into place here. towards sunday, rain chances. haven't seen that for a while. >> thanks, chris. thank you for watching. have a great day. 0
7:59 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.


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